Defensive Driving: Let Our Wiper Blades Help You Handle Roadside Distractions

Driving presents many unpredictable challenges, and you have to be able to roll with them as you go. That means that you can’t prepare for everything before you pull out of your driveway. Defensive driving is the best way to stay safe, and when you have high-quality windshield wipers, you will have the clear vision you need to see what is coming your way before it affects you.

In our last blog, we discussed how far you should look down the road. Today, we are going to discuss roadside emergencies and keeping tabs on your surroundings.


Roadside Emergencies

  • The flashing lights on emergency vehicles are a double-edged blade: they catch your attention, which is good, but it’s easy to fixate on them, which is dangerous.
  • If you see emergency vehicles or any other roadside hazards, avoid staring. Instead, take stock of your surroundings and plan. Are the drivers in front and behind you paying attention? Is there a lane free if you need to get out of the way? How about the shoulder?
  • As long as you keep your eyes moving and your windshield is clear thanks to our wipers, you should be able to safely navigate the situation.

Visibility is key when it comes to safety. At Best Wiper Blades, we are on a mission to provide the best wiper blades you can depend on no matter the conditions. The SilBlade is one of our favorites, because it offers incredible silicone blades that clear water like never before. Check out our selection and shop today!