Don’t Get Rear-Ended by Tailgaters!

In our last blog, we discussed following other cars in poor and extreme weather conditions. The fact is, weather isn’t the only challenge you’ll face when it comes to following distance. In fact, you’ll probably get more trouble from other drivers! That is why we are using today’s blog to discuss strategies for dealing with tailgaters.

It can be hard not to let your driving be influenced by a tailgaters – they are annoying and insulting! The good news is, letting your driving be influenced can be a good thing if you do it right. We encourage you to let tailgaters influence your driving in the following ways!


Slow Down

Slowing down gives you two advantages. Firstly, if a collision happens, it will happen at a lower speed, which reduces damage. Secondly, you will probably aggravate the tailgater into passing you, which eliminates your risk of being rear-ended. We know that letting a tailgater pass can feel like letting him/her win, but this is your car and health we’re talking about here. If you keep those, you win.


Don’t Retaliate

Once you get tailgaters in front of you, you may be tempted to give them a taste of their own medicine. If you do this, you’re not getting revenge; you’re escalating the situation and opening the door to road rage. You’re letting the tailgater control your actions. Instead, think of how much you love having un-dented bumpers and say good riddance!


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