How to Drive in Fog Part 1

Fog can come up any time of year, and it presents a unique set of challenges. Most people find it unnerving, and for good reason. Moisture will build up on your windshield, so if you find yourself in fog, make sure you have the best windshield wiper blades.

Not only does fog defeat visibility, it creates an optical illusion that tricks drivers into going going faster and faster. The fog makes your body feel you are moving much slower than you actually are. Nervous drivers tend to want to keep their eyes on the road rather than their speedometer. As a result, they end up driving at unsafe speeds without knowing it. So, our first tip is to monitor your speed closely.


Make sure people can see you

  • Daytime running lights are not enough in fog. You need your headlights on the whole time.
  • We understand that headlights tend to glare off of fog. However, do not turn them off – doing so turns you into a ghost car. Instead, slow down until you can manage the glare and keep them on.


Avoid using your brights

  • While keeping your headlights on is important, make sure you don’t use your bright headlights. They will increase the glare too much. Keep your low beam headlights on, and if you have fog lights, definitely use those.

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