How to Drive in Fog Part 2

When you have to drive in dangerous conditions, you and your car are a team. You can do your part by following the guidance and tips we have shared in our blogs. Your car can do its part if you equip it properly. That’s why wiper blades are so important. They are your visibility’s first line of defense.

In our last blog, we explored how to use your headlights in fog. It is not only important to be able to see – you want people to see you! That is why we are going to use today’s blog to discuss stopping, following distance, and more.

How to stay on the road

  • We are used to looking ahead. In fact, it’s a lesson drilled into us when we learn how to drive. Unfortunately, fog removes the ability to look ahead. Instead, you need to track the lines on the road. This will prevent you from unconsciously steering toward lights.

Pulling over safely

  • If the fog is too thick to drive safely or you have another reason to pull over, you cannot simply pull over on the side of the road. Make sure that you do the following:
  • Try to find a parking lot, rest stop, or side street.
  • If the shoulder is your only option, pull way off the road – into the grass if you can.
  • Turn off your lights to prevent drivers from fixating on you and crashing into you.

Don’t let dangerous conditions get the best of you. Use our tips and buy the very best wiper blades from our online store today.