How to Drive Safely – Part 2

In our last blog, we gave two important tips for handling police presence on the road, including relaxing and wearing your seatbelt. At Best Wiper Blades, we know how unpredictable driving is, and we take our role in your safety seriously.

In today’s blog, we are going to give you two more tips for handling yourself well on the road, including checking your lights and keeping your car looking good.


Rule 3: Check your lights

Doing a basic check of your car every so often is a fantastic way to avoid traffic tickets for things like burned-out lights. Here’s an insider tip: cops look for license plate lights a lot. If the rest of your lights are good but your license plate light is out, you could end up pulled over anyway. Lastly, make sure your lights are on when you’re driving at night and that you aren’t using your brights inappropriately. These two seem obvious, but depending on how hassled you are, it can be hard to remember everything.


Rule 4: Keep your car clean and functional

You don’t need to have a brand new Cadillac to look good, but if your car is patched with duct tape and running on spares, you are far more likely to be pulled over. Things like loud mufflers can also get you a ticket. We recommend you do what you can do keep the exterior of your car legal – it will save you a lot of trouble!

At Best Wiper Blades, we are dedicated to preserving your visibility and safety. That is why we provide SilBlade wipers and more. Shop today!