Hydroplaning and How to Handle It

We are headed through spring, which can be a very rainy time of year. That is why we have been discussing how to drive safely when the roads are wet and the rain is coming down.

Hydroplaning is one of the biggest dangers presented by wet roads. When you hydroplane, you are literally skimming the surface of the water. Your tires are no longer making contact with the road, so you can no longer stop or steer. You just have to wait it out. It is very unnerving for good reason!


Hydroplaning happens for two major reasons:

  1. Your tires are worn out and don’t have much tread left.
  2. You are driving too fast over road covered in water.


If you end up hydroplaning, the situation is a lot like losing control on ice. Keep in mind that if you slow down, your tires will connect with the road again. Follow these guidelines.

  • Don’t panic.
  • Let off the gas and let yourself coast to a slower speed.
  • Keep your steering wheel steady.

While we’re on the subject of conditions that threaten your car’s traction, we want to re-mention oil slicks in intersections, leaves, and puddles that have been darkened by oil or fuel. You should also pay attention to the temperature. If it falls below freezing, went spots may in fact be black ice.

The first step to keeping yourself in the rain is having windshield wipers that can do their job. When you need the best windshield wipers, invest in the SilBlade from Best Wiper Blades. Contact us with any questions!